Do Good and Good will come to you

Aman Mehndiratta

Aman Mehndiratta is amongst the best leader. He is a business visionary, a financial specialist and a giver. He is not just helping organizations succeed but is working really hard for the improvement of the society to make it a better place for general public. Aman Mehndiratta dependably has a tendency towards innovation. With his initiative aptitudes and by putting resources into tech ventures he helps them achieve incredible statures. As a giver, he gives his chance and endeavors for different social causes and gives society back what he has taken from it. Aman Mehndiratta has numerous marketable strategies. He utilizes every one of the assets accessible to him to execute his designs.


Aman Mehndiratta has filled in as Assistant Manager in Live Tech Connect prior. From that point he procured every aptitudes of a good leader. He dealt with a group of around 60 individuals. He was the one in charge of the general efficiency of the group. From Live Tech Connect, Mehndiratta figured out how to manage the grievances of the workers. Due to the nearby cooperation with the representatives in the past he knows how to handle their issues and give a boost to them to enhance the output. His aptitudes to lead the workers to do and keep doing their best have consistently brought about ideal outcomes. Aman has all the required information to be able to control all of the activities of the company. He comprehends what, when and in what manner should an arrangement be made and fused. The chief has the duty of the achievement or disappointment of the organization. With incredible obligation come tremendous difficulties. Furthermore, the person who knows the trap of managing them and getting achievement turns into a great entrepreneur. Aman has demonstrated with his exercises that he is an extraordinary leader and can deal with the eventual fate of an association with awesome duty.

Social works

Being a financial expert and a humanitarian,Aman Mehndiratta is establishing benchmarks and high standards in the field of business and social works. He is the triumphant leader who wants to reform the meaning of word ‘corporate’ for good. For him, corporate world is not all about just rigid profit- loss and returns but, it is also about welfare of the society. He strongly believes that this is the high time for corporates to come in front and become the supporting pillar, redeeming the social changes in our society. Aman believes in “Do good and good will come to you”. He urges the entire corporate sector to start committing itself not just to make profits, but to fulfill higher and larger purposes by contributing to build a better world, a better tomorrow. Persevere and determined attitude has always helped him to excel in whatever he does.


From the very days of adolescence, Aman had a zealous inclination towards the availing technology in terms of saving time and making our livings apparent. He knew technology has the potential to accelerate the process of development for a better future of the nation. Becoming fortunate enough with the resources to invest in firms and startups, he chose the ventures and projects related to technology without any procrastination. He has come out to be a prolific leader with some string leadership qualities, which he had earned from his prior posting.


Aman is very much engaged into philanthropic services which include providing free food and free education to young ones too because his priority list includes removal of hunger and poverty , illiteracy and unemployment. Philanthropy, to him is being engaged, not only with his resources but getting people and himself really involved and give time, doing things that haven't been done before which can make him return what he has taken from the society. His tender thought process allows him to think about humanity. His love for the humankind is unconditional and pious. ‘Philanthropy and working for good changes in society can be at their best on the note they are driven by one’s values and connected to what one cares about the most, such belief made Aman to come in the field of philanthropy because love for humankind is not any quality that one can build or adopt but it comes from inside out, it is inbuilt within his nature, mind and soul. Doing what he can to repair the world was instilled in him from an early age and he is continuing to do so. Philanthropy and social works help him to feel fulfilled and alive. Being fortunate enough to help the unfortunates is something he is truly persuading and motivating others for the same, because although one person cannot change the life of thousands but he can change the life of one, ultimately if thousands tried to do so, it will make much difference.
February 15, 2023
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