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Advocacy and Community Organization

Community organization is a type of community social work practice, adopted by Aman Mehndiratta which involves working within a nonprofit organization or a government agency to empower underserved and unprivileged populations.

Aman is helping communities to function. Sometimes he works directly with individuals, conducting needs and assessments and also making referrals to resources in the community and sometimes the needs have been assessed on a larger scale. He plans and administers the programs.


The vigorous growth in the number of adults, aged 65 and older, affects families and workplaces, along with health care and social service delivery systems as well. Meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse and older population confers both challenges and opportunities to social workers and other service providers. Aman Mehndiratta ensures to deal with this, by every possible tool, resources and information to enhance and support the aging population.

Poverty and Education

Poverty and illiteracy can be proven as the most lethal factor for the overall development of any nation. These two are strongly interconnected so to counter one; one must deal with the both. Aman Mehndiratta has taken the initiative to root out these two factors, working for the same, he started running free education programs and providing employment too.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Aman Mehndiratta is emphasizing on every possible tool to accelerate the process of his social works in public interest. As a business man, he has adopted the idea of CSR that is, CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, which means the responsibility of corporate sector towards the common public and their welfare. Actually Corporate Social Responsibility (also known as CSR and corporate citizenship) can be said as the integration of socially beneficial programs and practices into a business model and culture.

Basically, CSR triggers the sustainable development and apart from this it also increases brand recognition and builds positive business reputation. Aman Mehndiratta has introduced this practice into his business, so that he can leverage his contributions into the social welfare and turn his vision of a better living into a reality.

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