Leaders lead the way and people follow them to achieve the desired goal.  If we assume the business a ship, then a leader acts as the captain. Being a prolific leader, Aman Mehndiratta has proved the definition of a true leader. He leads, motivates, commands and sails with the co-workers, apart from throwing orders only.

See, this is the major difference between a boss and a leader. The boss commands his lower posted ones to do the stuff and achieve the goal. The leader leads the path to achieve the goal. He doesn’t make only orders but indulges himself with his co-workers for the same. Aman knows how to lead and manage the team for extracting the best from it.

A leader is a reason behind each activity of any sector, whether its political, education, social or corporates.

Leadership is about having a passion for what one does and having confidence in themselves and their followers whom they have to motivate and inspire.

What makes a True Leader?

Every second person has a different opinion about leadership qualities. According to Aman Mehndiratta, true leaders are not born rather they are made. Passion and surroundings make them so. There are several key points which make a leader, a true leader.

Earn the Respect of your Team members

First of all, the teammates should owe you really respect, instead of fear. They should owe you utmost faith. While you too have to show empathy and care for those that follow you. There are attributed to being a great leader. Earning respect is necessary for a successful relationship with someone. Meanwhile showing care about their work or ideas. Being empathetic allows a leader to connect with the person. It lets you understand what it means to be in their situation. Combining all these traits can make someone a true leader. These are things Aman works on constantly with his staff and himself.

People are the Key to Success

A great leader understands that people work for people. If he will help the people working for him then they will give him their 100% in return. The people he leads are the key that determines the success or failure of any venture. A great leader creates and nurtures other leaders.


Do Not Lead by Force

A true leader does not lead by only giving an order or forcing people to follow. Instead, he motivates people. He encourages others to follow. Like Aman Mehndiratta, he is the one who leads by example, which few leaders do today.


Pushing People to Be Their Best

True leaders have clarity of goals. They do everything for a purpose. They are great at articulating their beliefs. Talking about Aman, he aspires to be the kind of leader that pushes the people to be the best they can be. With this, he still makes people feel safe because it all starts with the heart.

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