This Week’s Top Stories About Aman Mehndiratta

This Week’s Top Stories About Aman Mehndiratta

This Week's Top Stories About Aman Mehndiratta

This Week’s Top Stories About Aman Mehndiratta
Aman Mehndiratta is one of the TOP investor of India. He is working hard in the right direction for his goals. He is the owner of Acube Food Experts Pvt. Ltd. a private cloud kitchen. Hi mission is to grow the Indian people.
He also invested in Urbanwood Furniture Pvt. Ltd.

Aman Mehndiratta started his career as an entrepreneur followed by being investor. For the welfare of society, he adopted every possible idea in his business to promote the societal advancement and wellbeing of the nation. Impact investment was one of these ideas. Before getting a closer look into his ‘impact investing’ engagement stories, let’s explore what ‘impact investment’ in real is. Impact investment is the investment that aims to generate specific beneficial environmental or social effects in addition to acquire financial gain. Impact investing can be said as a subset of socially responsible investing, but impact investment actively seeks to make a harmless and positive impact by investing.

The rising demand for better, socially responsible and purposeful finance has resulted in new ways of putting corporate’s capital into good work in all over the world. In the past decade, the long-held view has been challenged by the idea of ‘impact investment’ in the way that social returns should be funded by philanthropy and financial returns should be funded by mainstream investors.

According to Aman Mehndiratta, it is a perfect business practice to invest for social good and also one of the most innovative and effective business strategies for developing positive social impact around the world. In general, it can be stated that impact investments in India have demonstrated the fact how capital can be employed in a sustainable manner and how it can be used to meet the financial expectations of investors in the form of good returns that means impact investments are the win-win investment idea for both social and economic development of the society.

Aman knew that it’s the fraying contract between the society and the business an urgent priority, Aman was eager to find a considerable investment which could generate both, business as well as social returns. His search got completed on “impact investing’’ which is directing the capital to enterprises that can generate social or environmental benefits, you say, in projects from affordable housing to affordable clinics and that are often ignored or sidestepped by other traditional business personalities. Actually, traditional investors often fear to trade in this field, leaving the field for adventurous venture capitalists like Aman Mehndiratta who are much more in social works and philanthropic services, urging to build a better world for existing as well as future generation and also to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Then they act as the first institutional investors for the same.

While they see a clear upside boom in new customers and satisfied employees as well, they become good to accept the conventional view, that these kind of investments cannot be scaled in enough way to create attractive and adequate returns for the business, they carry higher risk overall, and are much less liquid and so difficult to exit. Basically, impact investment can be used as a vehicle to, catalyze, fund and scale the approaches that have potential to improve millions of lives. India has become an attractive market for this kind of investing. High demand for impact investments is likely to be continued as a result of the underlying economic growth, increasing population, stable financial markets with a powerful rule of law, and huge and diversified unmet social needs. Aman wanted to these problems to be tackled and he found impact investment as the ultimate solution for all these problems.

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